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    wind energy contractors

To understand us you need to know three things;

  1.  Safety is not up for discussion, Safety, it’s a SURE thing™” is not a clever saying we put up for show, it is, in fact our way of life at Surespan. So if you are a customer, an employee, or a visitor and hold to our Safety programs, then we are all off to a great start.
  2.  At Surespan, “The 1st Thing We Build Is Relationships”. In other words people matter, you matter, our customers matter, and everyone going home at night matters.
  3. How we live out points 1 & 2.

Our goal is to build a company that both customers and employees want to a part of. That means we need to build not just the current project as a onetime thing, but do each project in such a way that when completed it makes our customers want to work with us on their next project. Likewise we need to both hire and then develop great people, we want them to contribute not just on the project level but over the long term so that as we grow, they grow.

We invest in people and they likewise invest in their own personal development. We want to be a great employers, not just great wind energy contractors. We are in for the long haul and that’s a space we are very comfortable in.

Surespan has been building in Canada since 1971 and our story is still ahead of us. Our track record is a good one and we are all proud to have had a hand in building it. That being said we know the best is yet to come.  As the wind industry grows so will new service areas, construction methods, after-installation maintenance, and service programs.  At the leading edge you will find Surespan Wind, setting the benchmark for installation services as wind energy contractors.

If you’re ready to discuss your project or just have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.