Message from the COO

  • Message from the COO

Surespan Wind Energy Services Ltd. has quickly become one of the fastest growing full service Wind Energy Companies in North America. Our plan has always been to build a great company focused on real values and great people. When you come to work everyday doing something you’re passionate about and fortunate enough to share that with a great team of individuals – growth is most often a result.  This has been our goal and we’ve turned it into reality.

The reality of working at Surespan is that we all want to make a good and honest living, work in a safe environment, go home to our loved ones at night, and leave the world in a better place than how we found it. These values stay with us each and every day.

It’s not a complicated set of values and they govern how things work here at Surespan Wind. We live out our values in our commitment to safety, and developing great people. We hold to our commitment of delivering our customers great work with our quality assurance programs. We are accountable to our customers and each other.

There is a lot more hard work ahead, problems to solve, and terrain to overcome in a changing environment. We hope you will join us one wind turbine at a time and keep in touch. If you find this type of work attractive, and share our values by all means jump over to our Careers Section.