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As a member of the Surespan Group of companies, Surespan Wind Energy is in the unique position to provide fully scalable services to EPC Wind Farm Contractors.

We are able to provide you with service from a single element in a wind energy project right through to “commission-ready” wind farms.

This scalability makes Surespan Wind Energy unique in the industry as a service provider. This is achieved by combining our core service set with those of our brother and sister companies inside the Surespan Group.

We are also unique in that our parent company has almost 40 years of major project experience in both heavy civil and power construction. This means that our quality control and safety standards were well established long before the wind turbine industry came to North America. Simply put, it means we are not using your project as part of our learning curve and that you get the full benefit of our many decades of experience.

When you take our experience refined over decades along with our industry leading investments in state-of-the-art hoisting equipment, you know you’re working with the industry leader.

Offload Services

One of the most critical steps in finishing a wind farm on time and on budget is the planning and management of component logistics, receiving (rail-head offload, truck offload) and staging in a laydown yard.

When done correctly this process fast tracks effective product and site management, ensuring that the project runs as planned. When not done correctly the results can be crippling both financially and to meeting timelines.

Surespan ensures that project planning, logistics, component receiving and staging are all planned as a single process. We execute all these plans with precision.

An old saying goes like this “measure twice and cut once” – at Surespan we have modernized that saying to: “measure three times, take reality into full account, perfect the plan, and execute once”.

Is this type of planning, logistics and execution easy? Never. Is Surespan the right partner to get the job done right? ALWAYS.

EPC Wind Farm - Turbine truck offload

Wind Turbine Erection

EPC Wind Farm - Winter Turbine Erection
wind turbine tower placement in mud

A crane that travels 5 metre wide roads and services heights up to 136 metres! The right equipment can greatly improve project completion timelines and profitability.

When we think of installing turbines we think of warm summer days, blue skies and just a hint of a light breeze. This is a nice thought, but this is not the reality of building wind farms in Canada.

Today, the industry needs tough, dedicated and highly qualified people with exceptional project management skills and the ability to operate year around.  Likewise the industry needs installation equipment that gets the job done today, but is also thinking ahead to get the job done tomorrow.

All our equipment was purchased and/or modified with “Artic Service” packages. We have cold weather rated steel and pre-heaters etc. We are tooled up to work and be as productive as possible during the winter months. What we are talking about here is the fact that Surespan Wind has the ability to work a project on a 12 month schedule. Most other people in this industry would never even consider more than a 9 month schedule.

The biggest challenge within the wind turbine industry is the fact that turbines are going higher, bigger and heavier. For most other companies this means trying to find solutions within the resources that are currently available.

However with Surespan Wind Energy the story is very different. When we looked at what cranes and hoisting equipment to purchase, we did not look at today to try and meet the current need, we looked at where the industry was going. We took into account our customers’ needs three, five, and perhaps even ten years ahead and then tooled up to these opportunities.

With the purchase of our two Liebheer LG1750 we have the ability to provide nonstop service not just to for today’s turbine installation needs with 85 meter service heights, but tomorrow’s service heights of 135 meters. This capacity combined with our ability to move this crane on service roads just five meters wide is redefining what is possible inside the Canadian wind turbine industry.

If you’re ready to discuss your project or just have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Crane Services

With cranes it’s not so much that you are tooled up to do the big lifts, it’s also how effective can you be with a fleet of cranes of various service abilities. It’s all about using them in a way to provide maximum benefit to our customers.

We work with our customers to develop highly detailed yet practical project and component staging plan that allows us to move turbine components into the wind farm in a “wave effect”. In this way we utilize our smaller cranes to do lower stage work, our mid-sized cranes to do mid-level work, and finally our LG1750 to do the high-level tower stages, install the nacelles and blades.

With this process engaged we can stage much faster project delivery without compromising safety or quality.

In practical terms this planning and project management process means that our customers require much less 600 tonne crane time per project. In fact on past projects we have used this planning process to reduce a standard 15 day processes to just five days, with considerable time and cost savings to our customers.

Wind Tower Crane Services

Elevator Installation

wind turbine elevator maintenance

As leaders in the Ontario Wind elevator sector, we have experience installing and integrating various TSL products. This includes the popular Powerclimber® and Avanti® systems into Tower Systems.

When working on wind farms our first priority is to make certain that products selected are best suited to our customers’ needs today and in the future.

Our experienced project management and engineering staff supports our customers from project conception through to installation. This ensures the success of your project.

We provide:

  • Skilled and licensed technicians with years of experience installing lifting devices.
  • Products that meet the customer’s and building needs.
  • Project and job site management.

We offer our customer 18 years+ of elevating industry experience in Ontario, and have a strong history of working collaboratively with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) to support your best interests.  We provide complete turn-key solutions from design, project management, installation, maintenance, and removal as required.

Our elevator suppliers are licensed by the TSSA to conduct business in Ontario and our entire elevator team is 100% Ontario staff.

Our elevator services office is strategically located in London, Ontario, to support our growing customer base within the wind energy sector. Specifically the installation, licensing and maintenance of Turbine Service Lifts (TSLs).

If you’re ready to discuss your project or just have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.