Grand Renewable Energy Park

Working together with Samsung C&T we erected a wind farm in Haldimand County which generates approximately 150 MW of wind power.

The Project

The project consisted of building 67 100-metre Siemens turbines along municipal roads in an area south of Hamilton, Ontario. The project was around 37 km from end to end. The LR 1600 was the secondary crane, completing approximately 1/3 of the work, alongside of the primary LG1750. The project began in March 2014 and completed in June of 2014.


One of the challenges with this project were the ground and road conditions. As the work began in March, the customer couldn’t pour foundations, and the roads were frozen. This forced the team to bounce back and forth between various turbine clusters as the roads would allow, as opposed to the preferred method of moving efficiently from East to West or West to East.

Another challenge was trying to coordinate with various contractors and city planners among the constant shifting.

Furthermore, the months of March and April were months of strong wind which significantly decreased the amount of work that could be done each day during the start of the project.

Challenges Overcome

We were able to help create positive teamwork with other sub-contractors involved in the project and bring the group together to hit the required marks for the general contractor.

Later in the project we had to run the LG 1750 crane 24 hours a day with two full crews in order to meet deadlines. With this operation, we were able to bring up almost one turbine per day. Our LG 1750 crane is able to work non-stop because it’s thoroughly maintained so that it’s perfectly reliable, which eliminates the need to spend any time on repairs during projects.

Due to our years of experience, we have grown in our capacity to be more creative with how to complete projects. When planning, we bring multiple strategies to our clients, in order to improve overall efficiency. Our ability to improvise and make adjustments based on circumstances helped us overcome the challenges presented in this project.