• Technical Field Advisor


For the Summerhaven project we provided Technical Field Advisors to support Siemens for the installation of 58 turbines with total generation capacity of of 128.82 MW.

The Client

Development on the Summerhaven Wind Energy Centre began in 2006 by NextEra Energy Canada.  The wind farm is located in Haldimand County, Ontario. At the maximum generating capacity, the Summerhaven Wind Energy Centre produces enough energy for approximately 32,000 homes.

Our Work

Siemens, as the manufacturer of the turbines on this project, was responsible for having a representative on site who supervised the contractor as they installed the turbines to ensure correct installation and to identify any potential issues. Siemens didn’t have enough of these Technical Field Advisors so they hired Surespan due to our technicians’ experience with Siemens turbines.  We had half a dozen advisors onsite for the length of the project as representatives of Siemens.

Challenges Overcome

The Summerhaven site was in very good shape and there was no wind. Precautions needed to be taken to ensure safety during the frequent lightning on this project. Otherwise this project was straight forward, simply ensuring that the contractor H.B. White kept to the Siemens’ manual instructions.