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Wind Farms – Seeing the Big Picture

We are a wind turbine installation company, so it would be normal for you to expect to see a lot of construction talk in this part of our website. Well, Surespan is not your average company so instead, let’s start with a review of our philosophical position.

How do we start a wind farm project? To quote Steven Covey “We begin with the end in mind”.

Pre-Construction Services

For us the project starts by getting a firm and complete understanding of our customer’s real needs, not just from a technical perspective but from all different angles. Wind farms are large and complex projects that have to take into account multiple departments and functions. Planning, Logistics, Operations, Human Resources, Heavy Equipment, and Cranes, along with multiple levels of legal and environmental compliance, all need to be taken into account.

When we begin figuring out how to start a project we partner with our customer to study what, when and how the project should be done to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations upon completion. Then we work back from the end to plan out each detailed step in the process.

The use of this process, which places the focus clearly on the customer’s end goal, lets us look at each project in a unique and highly detailed way. We then apply our expertise and experience during the review process to find ways to maximize productivity and minimize environmental impact.

From global logistics to municipal road clearances, from component receiving to installing 100 metric ton turbine nacelles 85 meters above the ground. We take equal care, whether it’s turning the first bolt or the final step of commissioning your wind farm. We plan out your project, taking the realities of weather, environment and legislation into account.

We are prepared to do the job right and you should be prepared to expect the best.

wind farms - Pre-Construction Consulting

If you’re ready to discuss a project or just have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Project Management

Wind Energy Project Management

Project management starts well before a single piece of equipment is ordered or a single turbine part arrives at site.

For Surespan, project management is not just a way of running a project, it’s also a way for us to partner with you. Throughout the planning process we explore how a project can be built in a more effective and profitable way.

Our evaluation process is among the best and our experience in constructing wind farms is second to none. We take the time to review on paper and on-site the challenges that each project brings and we then make key recommendations to our customers for taking all realities into account. We don’t just discover and report on the challenges that we’ll be facing, but we directly provide solutions at the planning, analysis and budgeting stages. This ensures that real world problems are discovered and accounted for at the planning level, and not in the field.

Once the realities of the project are laid out, any challenges and risks can be overcome even before the project starts. By using this process we save our customers time and money when compared to making uninformed operational decisions in the field.

With everyone fully focused on the task at hand, we roll out the projects with our specialized site teams and on site administration, keeping every minute and bolt accounted for.


There is an exact place that each and every item in a wind farm needs to be.

Now consider that every item needed (and there are thousands of them) to build a wind farm needs to be in the right place and at the time.  Large items such as tower sections, nacelles and turbine blades all the way down to a simple nut and bolt need to come together from hundreds, if not thousands, of places.  Each of these has to be staged in exactly the right way to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of a wind project.

This is very challenging work but thanks to our 30+ years of major project experience and expertise we know what needs to be done. We have the right mix of planning, procurement, receiving, operations and administration staff on-site to ensure that the logistics of your project is not just done, but mastered to your benefit.

Surespan has the resources at hand to manage not just your on-site logistics, but the global logistics of getting every civil, mechanical, electrical or power grid component safely to the project site on time.

Wind Farm Logistics

Quality Assurance

Wind Energy Technical Field Advisor

Why do we say Quality Assurance and not just Quality Control?

Saying we have quality control is just saying “it was done right”. Our promise of Quality Assurance is “you knowing it was done right and having the documentation in place to prove it”.

Quality Control is compliance, while Quality Assurance is compliance plus peace of mind.

To back this up we have created a new position at our wind farms, a Technical Field Advisor. These people are the eyes, hands and soul of our Quality Assurance programs and another unprecedented resource we can provide to our customers.

To Surespan, Quality Assurance is not just an idea, it is the very promise of our brand.

The entire history of our company is based on providing our customers the “Surety” of production quality, from coast to coast and in every terrain that Canada can provide.

It doesn’t matter if your project requires roads, bridges, wind turbines, or power grid installations, our name is our promise of Quality Assurance. This is the result of day in and day out planning quality, logistics, operations, HR practices and Safety records, all of which are yours to engage.

If you’re ready to discuss a project or just have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.