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Scheduled Maintenance

Extending the life span of a wind turbine becomes the prime focus once a wind farm is commissioned.

Regular wind turbine maintenance and service is required to maintain good working order and prevent unnecessary downtime. Surespan Wind provides the right combination of expertise and equipment for the following maintenance services.

Component Replacement

wind generator maintenance

Though there is no single reason why wind turbine gearboxes fail prematurely in less than 10 years. However, the gearbox’s reputation for a high failure rate is largely due to the engineering challenge of assessing the non-torsional loads that pass through the gearbox, affecting gears and bearings.

Some common reasons for wind-turbine-gearbox problems can include:

  • An extremely low service factor.
  • Dirty or water-contaminated lubrication.
  • Site conditions, such as capacity factor, curtailment, wind class, etc.
  • Transient loads lead to sudden accelerations and load-zone reversals.
  • Uneven load sharing and high edge stresses due to improper bearing settings.

Wind turbine generators must also take into account all the parameters important for wind power operation. Factors such as efficiency,  power factor, slip, performance at full and partial loads, effective cooling, and the ability to withstand environmental stresses. When they fail, sometimes the only solution is to exchange the component.

Surespan Wind Energy provides services to maximize the production, availability, reliability, and performance of major components such as turbine gearboxes and generators. When required, full component replacements may be performed.

If you’re ready to discuss your wind turbine maintenance needs or just have questions, reach out to us.

Blade Repair

Due to the high velocity of turbine blades and many objects from which they may receive contact, blades require regular inspection, maintenance, and repair to ensure optimal performance. Surespan provides the following blade related services:

Blade Inspections:

  • Photo inspections using a high power lens
  • Hands on inspection using a suspended platform
  • Internal inspections
  • Lightening system testing

Blade Repairs:

  • Leading edge erosion
  • Lightening damage
  • Core repairs
  • Vortex generator repair/replacement
  • Minor cosmetic to elaborate structural repairs

Other Blade-related Areas:

  • Tower cleaning
  • Blade cleaning
  • Leading edge protection upgrades
  • OEM upgrades (dyno tails , vortex generators , stall strips , etc.)

turbine rotor replacement

Elevator Servicing

Our elevator maintenance packages meet unique customer needs in accordance with TSSA codes.  The objective is to provide wind farm owners with cost-efficient and code-compliant maintenance. We want to maximize both the life expectancy and the reliability of the elevator system.

Our goal is to provide unequalled service and safe operation.  We provide our customers with quality maintenance programs so they can focus on what they do best, and not have to worry about managing their contractor.

Scheduled Maintenance Options

There are a number of regular scheduled maintenance options that Surespan performs for established wind farms.

Gearbox Oil Changes

Wind Turbine Gearbox Oil ChangeOur mobile gearbox oil change system connects directly to the gearbox to decrease spills and drips, eliminate heavy lifting injuries and dangerous spills. This system makes it easy to vacuum in fresh oil directly from barrels.

With the close tolerances inside the gearbox, even brand new oil is not clean enough to prevent internal damage to gearbox components. Our system uses a CC Jensen filtration system that filters the oil to a 16/14/11 ISO cleanliness level.

Yaw Puck Maintenance

Wear pucks and friction pads act as  brakes in wind turbines. This yaw system contains 12 or 18 yaw pucks that are evenly spaced around the frame of the nacelle and provide a frictional force against the yaw slew ring. The yaw system can potentially lead to noise pollution and chattering sounds that can be heard several miles away.

The yaw puck comes into contact with the sliding surface of the yaw bearing. An adjustable bolt provides pressure to a pressure plate, which, in turn, presses against a set of spring washers, and the washers apply the force to the yaw puck.  Pressure of the yaw pucks on the sliding surface of the yaw bearing is always present, and in order to yaw the turbine the yaw motors have to overcome the force of friction that the pucks produce. The torque on the bolt is checked in each maintenance cycle.

3rd Party Maintenance Support

Surespan provides only qualified support technicians with CRP-First Aid and Rescue Training.

If you’re ready to discuss your wind turbine maintenance needs or just have questions, reach out to us.